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Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling recovers scrap or waste plastics and reprocess the material into useful products, often completely different from their original state. For example, this could mean melting down polyester soft drink bottles then making model army figures and ammo.

Plastic Identification Codes

To help the process of recycling plastics were classified into 7 different groups of polymers, each with specific properties. Each group of plastic polymer is identified by its Plastic Identification Code (PIC) - normally a number between 1 and 7. The code is then used to helping identifying whether the plastic can be recycled into new products or not.

Benefits of Plastic Recycling

Here are some benefits of recycling plastic:

  • For every 7 lorries it takes to deliver paper bags, it only take 1 lorry to deliver plastic bags;
  • Recycled plastic can be made into plastic lumber, which is more durable;
  • Recycled fizzy drink bottles can be reused to make filling for pillows and jackets;
  • Can be used to make toys, park benches, car parts, drainage pipes and more;
  • The plastic recycling business creates lots of jobs around the UK.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions;


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Research and resources

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Recycling in the UK

In 1998, a pilot feedstock recycling plant went operational at BP's Grangemouth site in Scotland, with a capacity to process 400 tonnes of mixed plastic waste year. A feasibility study into its viability concluded that a 25,000 tonnes per annum plant could be supported from the area's municipal waste sources alone.

Majority of plastic recovered in the UK is destined for export

In the UK, production of both plastic products and recycled plastics has increased in recent years. Currently, the majority of plastic recovered in the UK is destined for export mainly to China.

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